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Spring Clean-up

After the winter, Centi’s Landscaping LLC is here to help you get ready for the spring season. We provide custom clean- up services tailored to each customer. We remove branches, leaves and debris. Our landscaping crew will ensure that your lawn is ready for spring.

Fall Clean-up

During a fall clean-up we clear leaves, branches and small debris off the lawn. Using the necessary tools we remove as many fallen leaves as possible from the property.


At Centi’s landscaping our goal is to improve the appearance and health of your lawn. We use the highest quality fertilizers which provides nutrients to help grass grow and stay healthy.


Weed means a unwanted plant that competes for water, light, soil nutrients and space. At Centi’s landscaping our weeding crew pulls weeds, we do our best to get the entire weed including the root.

Seasonal Mulch

At Centi’s Landscaping LLC we install much for our residential and commercial customers. Mulch is one of the most beneficial applications for the health of trees and flowers. It also feeds the soil and prevent water loss and weeds. Mulch provides a beautiful well kept appearance to your home.

Lawn Maintenance

Our goal is to give our clients quality lawn care services. Our lawn maintenance services include

  • planting new grass
  • re-seeding
  • aerating
  • dethatching

For the best looking lawn, contact us for a free estimate on our lawn maintenance services.

Snow Removal

At Centi’s Landscaping LLC we provide full snow removal services for both commercial and residential properties. Snow removal services include plowing, hand shoveling, sand and salt applications. We also offer bob cat services. Our snow removal crew is ready for you 24/7.


As landscape designers we truly enjoy helping each customer to design a beautiful landscape by using trees, shrubs and flowers. A well landscape garden can add more value to your home, imagine creating your own haven full of colorful flowers. At Centi’s Landscaping LLC we help you bring beauty to your home and garden.

Shrub, Hedge and Tree Prunnig

Keeping hedges, shrubs and trees properly trimmed will provide fantastic features for your home and garden. Also, this is necessary to maintain the health and shape of trees and shrubs. Well trimmed hedges, shrubs and trees can reduce the risk of accidents .Pruning shrubs and trimming hedges is an art, let Centi’s Landscaping LLC help you remove broken branches and dead trees to add an attractive view to your home.